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Inspirational Ideas for Environmental Graphic Design

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Environmental graphic design is simply the kind of design that shapes environments and spaces. Think the lobby of an office lined with murals and other design elements, or an entire area branded with a particular theme. This particular area of design is usually planned with an eye on visitor’s intent.

If your business is mulling the use of environmental graphic design, here are some handy tips to get you started in the right direction.

Customize with Digital Signage

Unlike static environmental design elements which were often traditionally used, digital signage is an increasingly popular tool today. Digital signage, also known as electronic signs, is more flexible and effective. You can incorporate projectors, LEDs, and other elements to shape up your digital signage.

The great thing about this type of signage is its sheer flexibility. You can update a screen, for instance, any time you want. You can even use it to display live tweets, statistics, or to create hype for any upcoming events. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Show Off Your Brand

You don’t have to be a large business to consider yourself a brand. If you know what you are about, you can portray yourself as a brand without qualms. In fact, branding is an excellent strategy for environmental graphic design. Bring up the logos, slogans, mottos, and other visual objects that embody your company’s philosophy. Use these to create an environment that shows off your brand. You can even use a timeline to give visitors a look into the company’s journey over the years.

Use the Glass

Glass is frequently used in offices today. Glass walls, doors, and surfaces are quite commonly encountered at business locations whether it’s a small, medium, or large business. You can use graphics on the glass panels to create a branded environment while also achieving a customized degree of privacy. Printed graphics on glass can be used to control lighting and visibility from the outside while letting you showcase your products and services.

Choose the Right Colors

Environmental designs are typically elaborate, which means that they can cover a significant area. So you must choose the right colors when designing graphics for such use. Bright colors, such as yellow, can be eye-popping but they can also be overwhelming. In contrast, shades of blue can be more serene but seen as dull at the same time. So you have to achieve a balance and design the graphics by keeping in view the fact that these designs will be splattered over walls or other large areas.

Stand Out with Creative Ideas

There is no set template or format for environmental graphic designs. So you have virtually endless options to creatively cook up something that is right for you. With the right bit of creativity, you can make your business truly stand apart. For instance, if you have limited space on walls or glass panels, you can use self-standing displays and graphics to create a branded look and feel around your business location.

Promote Productivity

Inspirational quotes and designs can go a long way towards motivating workplace productivity. You can use environmental graphics to this end as well. Use inspirational design elements to persuade your employees to collaborate, focus, and stay positive and energized. You can even ask your employees to create environmental graphics through a joint effort.

Guide and Direct

When it comes to one-off events, you can use environmental graphic design more flexibly. Such design can be used to help direct and guide the visitors towards a particular area. Typically known as wayfinding systems, environment design done this way has a genuine appeal. You can incorporate digital signage, LEDs, printed graphics, as well as a variety of elements in creating such wayfinding designs.

Create Interactive Experiences

One thing many businesses often overlook is that environmental graphic design doesn’t need to be one-way. Instead, it can be two-way communication. You can design space so that it has touchpoints to receive input from the visitors. For instance, the LEDs lighting up an environment can be made to change color based on the input from the user.

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