Promotional Product in Anderson SC: Help Your Business Grow

Does Your Business Need High-Quality Promotional Products in Anderson?

Are you a business owner who knows that a mix of traditional and innovative promotional strategies can deliver the best results for your business? If so, you are probably considering an option like the use of promotional products in Anderson.

Promotional products have been around for some time, but they have evolved through the years. The pens and calendars of the past have now become USB drives and smartphone chargers. With a massive range of diversity and a high level of usefulness, branded items are a good choice for every Anderson business.

Making this advertising approach work depends on your specific goals, the selection of the right product and the partnership with an experienced design and printing company. Greenville Print Solutions (GPS) is one such potential partner that can handle the creation of your promotional products, as well as many other aspects of popularizing your business.

Promotional products for businesses in Anderson SC

Our Anderson Promotional Products Catalog

We take significant pride in the large catalog of promotional products that our clients can choose from.

GPS has the knowledge and the experience to ensure high-quality printing on different materials. Whether you have chosen fabric, plastic, stainless steel or another branded item, you will get a high-quality outcome that your clients will enjoy.

We have options for all types of businesses, regardless of industry or size. A few of our most popular collections include:

  • Pens, markers, and other writing materials
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Mugs and travel mugs
  • Bottles
  • T-shirts, shirts, and jackets
  • USB drivers, power banks, and other hi-tech branded accessories
  • Candy jars, mints tins
  • School supplies
  • Wristbands
  • Employee recognition gifts
  • Fitness and sports accessories

Even if you do not see the item that you are looking for in our catalog, give us a call. Let us know a bit more about the idea, and we will do our best to offer the specific solution.

Do Branded Anderson Items Work for Every Business?

You may still be hesitant about investing in promotional products. Will they deliver the desired return on investment? Can such items be employed by every single Anderson business out there?

Promotional items are an excellent marketing tool. They will work in a wide array of situations. The following list will highlight just a few of the most important benefits:

  • Motivate your clients to undertake a specific action: Studies suggest that branded items rank among the best approaches when it comes to motivating customers to follow through with a call to action. The effectiveness of direct mail, for example, is eight percent. The effectiveness of television advertising is slightly less than 17 percent. Promotional products are 50.7 percent effective. In addition, 20 percent of the people who receive a promotional branded item will eventually move on to buying from the company.
  • Cost-efficiency: Depending on the specifics of the item that you choose, you can get a mass outreach without breaking the bank. Purchasing products in bulk will make the cost per unit minimal. Even when you add design and printing to the mix, you will still be benefiting from one of the most affordable promotional opportunities out there.
  • Much higher brand recognition: Today’s customer drowns in branding attempts. People have become desensitized to such messages, which makes it very difficult for companies to maximize recognition. The good news is that the use of branded products can still be expected to work. Eighty percent of the people who receive a promotional product can recall the brand that has been advertised through it.
  • Many people have become ad avoiders, but they still love getting gifts: It is interesting to point out that a significant percentage of people (anywhere between 10 and 15 percent) will undertake active efforts to avoid advertising at all costs. Reaching such people through television or internet advertising, for example, has become a mission impossible. Ad avoiders, however, love getting gifts just like all other consumers. Thus, promotional products allow companies to reach a rather skeptical market segment that cannot be addressed easily through the use of another advertising approach.
  • Promotional products forge a bond between brand and consumer: Consumers today feel rather aggravated by traditional advertising. Rather, they want to get something valuable from their interaction with brands. The use of promotional products, especially if the chosen item appeals to the specific crowd, can establish an emotional connection between the brand and the prospect. This emotional connection can easily evolve in customer loyalty in the future.
  • Improving the effectiveness of other advertising approaches: Louisiana State University carried out an interesting study to reveal that branded products can have a positive impact on the reception of other kinds of advertising by the brand. In fact, promotional products increase the favorable reception of television and print ads noticeably. Knowing this fact, companies can carry out marketing endeavors across multiple channels and expect a high level of effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Partner Matters

To make Anderson promotional products work, businesses have to focus on one very important factor – quality.

Customers cannot be fooled by cheap and poorly made giveaways. Such items will never reflect positively on the brand and the values that it would like to enforce.

To get the best results and a high return on investment from such a campaign, you need a partner that can help you design and make beautiful promo items people would love to use on a daily basis. Greenville Print Solutions is such a partner.

We have been on the market for many years, and we have managed to maintain a stellar reputation. If you go through client testimonials, you will learn a lot more about who we are, what we believe in and what it is like to partner up with GPS on promo item creation.

Our experienced team can consult you on designing the branded item, or we can execute a vision you already have. Just take a look at our catalog or try or virtual sample tool to design a promotional item and see whether you like the outcome.

Call GPS today at (864) 477-0217 to get started with branded item creation for your Anderson business. We will provide you with a personalized quote and suggestions that will improve your promotional items and guarantee a positive campaign outcome.

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