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Six Questions to Ask Your Signage Designer

You’re about to meet with a designer for a signage consultation for your business. You know great signage can attract customers and build your brand. But what should you ask during that first meeting to ensure the signage designer truly understands your business and branding needs?

Our business signage professionals in Greenville share a few valuable tips below to help you pick the best person for your project.

1. What Is Your Design Experience?

When choosing a signage designer, you want someone with experience designing for businesses like yours. Ask how long they’ve been designing and what types of signs they have experience with.

Do they have samples of their work you can see? An experienced designer will have relevant examples to share and can suggest ideas tailored to your needs.

2. What Industries Have You Designed For?

A designer who has created signage for other businesses similar to yours will understand your needs and goals. They’ll know what works and doesn’t in your field.

For example, a designer experienced with retail signage will know how to catch the attention of passing customers and draw them into your store. One who has designed for law firms or doctors’ offices will understand the importance of a professional, polished image.

3. How Do You Incorporate My Brand Into the Design?

A good signage designer will prioritize incorporating your brand into the design. Your brand makes your business unique and helps you stand out from competitors. The colors and logo you use are key parts of your brand identity. Your designer should prominently feature your logo and use your brand colors in the signage.

For example, if your brand colors are blue and orange, those hues should be integrated into the typography, graphics, and background. Your logo should be displayed in size and location, making it easily visible to anyone passing by.

communication is essential during the design phase of your sign

4. How Will You Make My Signage Stand Out?

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is making your company stand out to attract customers. Generic, forgettable signage won’t achieve that goal. When interviewing signage designers, ask them how they will make your signs eye-catching and memorable.

The designer should create a custom design for your business signage rather than using cookie-cutter templates. A tailored design will incorporate your company’s branding, colors, and style. It should also reflect the character and vibe of your business.

5. How Long Does a Typical Signage Project Take?

The timeline for a signage project can vary depending on the complexity and customization, but you can expect the full process to take between 4 to 12 weeks on average. The actual design and production of the signs is usually the shortest part, often only taking 2 to 3 weeks. Most of the time is spent on the initial consultation and planning, permit applications, and installation.

While the total timeline of a few months may seem lengthy, good signage is an investment in your business. By consulting with an expert and doing it right the first time, you’ll end up with eye-catching, impactful signs that effectively reach your target customers for many years to come. The rewards will be well worth the wait!

6. What Ongoing Services Do You Provide?

Once your new eye-catching signage is installed, most sign companies’ work isn’t over. Many reputable designers and manufacturers also provide ongoing services to ensure your signage looks its best and functions properly. Ask what type of ongoing support and maintenance they offer.

Do they provide repair services if your sign gets damaged? Parts and labor can add up quickly if you hire another company to fix an electrical issue or replace broken parts. Some companies offer discounted or free repair services, especially if they installed the sign.

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