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Signage: An Essential Tool for Your Business


Is signage really necessary considering all the digital tools currently available for business? Short answer: Yes! Imagine you are walking down the mall thinking where to find that specific item you want to buy, and certainly one of the first things you’ll notice is a plethora of various signs outside of each store. These signs allow you and other customers to quickly locate various stores that you are interested in visiting depending on what they are selling. Thinking about including signage in your marketing strategy? Greenville Print Solutions has the best professional staff!

But what exactly is signage? Easy! Any type of graphic display meant to transmit information to an audience is considered signage. Thus effective signage allows you to draw attention to your business while also allowing you to grow your business visual identity. Signage is less expensive than other forms of marketing because it can provide you with constant exposure at all times of the day and can be used for a long time.

Signage can help new clients locate your business who might not have been able to find you otherwise. However, simply having signage is insufficient. You’ll need eye-catching signs to draw people’s attention. You’ll need a beautiful design as well as important information about your company.

Keep reading to know a few hacks about signage!

Planning Your Signage

The first thing you should consider is why you require the sign. Perhaps you require directional signage to assist customers in finding your store. Or you’d like to publicize an upcoming event or a sale, or maybe you are just trying to persuade people to come to your place!

Once you’ve determined your goal, you may start planning logistics, such as the size of the signs, as well the materials they’ll be built of.

Standing Out From the Crowd

You have your purpose now, then what? Consider what information people will need to take away from the sign. It’s not only about what your company does; it’s also about how different you are from your competitors.

So, on that sign, write your company’s name and a message. But it’s with that message that you’ll need to be inventive. What distinguishes your business from the one across the street? Maybe you have a unique item that they don’t have? Make that distinction clear on your signs!

Creativity Is the Way

It’s best if you can be as ingenious as possible with your sign. Find a way to make your signage distinctive, such as a pun that relates to your business. Get creative with the type of signage you use, in addition to the words and graphics you use. For example, if your town prohibits large signs, you could use magnets or car decals instead.

You must find the best strategy to distinguish yourself from the other businesses in your town!

Special Offers, Discounts, and Deals

You will want your customers to know about special discounts and other types of deals because that is a wonderful method to invite them to look around. Most customers will visit a business if they believe they can get a good bargain on things they like or don’t mind using.

You can use signs to advertise limited giveaways and discounts you’re offering to attract even more customers to your store!

Strengthening Your Business Visual Identity 

You want people to recognize your brand when they see it on a sign. Imagine being able to make customers think of your company whenever they saw your logo. If you want to strengthen your brand, you’ll need to come up with a unique storefront sign design.

People will know your brand if you employ consistent branding, whether they’re looking at your social media or one of your signs. While your marketing materials do not have to be identical, there should be some form of common elements that connect them all.

Business Open!

People might not even realize your business is open if you don’t have suitable signs. You don’t want to miss out on sales simply because consumers assumed your establishment was closed and went somewhere else. You can have a bright sign displayed in the window, in addition to a storefront sign, to let visitors know that your business is currently open.

Considering neon or LED open signs? Yes, please!

Showing Off Your Business with Greenville Print Solutions

When you hire the services of Greenville Print Solutions you will have the best professional advice to build innovative signs always taking into account the careful preparation and consideration of your company’s mission and vision!

Partnering with Greenville Print Solutions will take your business everywhere!

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