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The Right Paper for Your Print Project: How To Choose

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If you’re embarking on a new marketing campaign or other printing projects, it’s crucial that you select the right type of paper. The last thing you want to do is spend hours designing the perfect pamphlet or brochure and then find out it looks terrible on paper. The same is true if you’re sending out an important letter to your clients and, when you print the letters out, they smear. Or you may have cool images on an advertisement or promotional poster and find out the images don’t stand out.

Printers in Greenville, South Carolina are experts when it comes to choosing the ideal paper type for your project.

Here, we’ll talk about the five major types of paper our printers in Greenville, South Carolina have available. Once you see what the different types of paper are used for, you’ll have a much better idea of what kind of paper you need for your project.

Bright White Paper Is the Most Commonly Used Paper

Most individuals and businesses tend to use bright white paper for their everyday tasks. If you’re printing out emails or letters, you’d use this kind of paper. It’s ultra-smooth and acid-free. Because the paper has blue undertones, it makes it easier to read the black ink on the paper. You can see your images very clearly too. They stand out against the background a lot better than they would on a glossy paper where you run into glare issues.

You May Currently Used Bond Paper in Your Home or Office

The paper closest to the bright white is the bond paper our printers in Greenville, South Carolina use. This paper is made from rag fiber pulp so it’s extra sturdy. This is good for electronic printing. It’s opaque so a lot of our clients use this on things like business stationery and envelopes. They’re also great for invoices and typed reports. This paper looks rich and expensive. That’s why so many people use it for important documents or professional outgoing mail.

Coated Paper is Great for Brochures, Newsletters, and Business Cards

If you’re working on a project for a client and you need it to look high-end, coated paper may be the way to go. This paper is coated with a mixture of calcium carbonate, Kaolinite, and Bentonite. It’s smooth and extra glossy. It’s perfect for your high-quality printing needs.

Because of its shiny appearance, this paper is great for color rendering. This is why a lot of graphics companies use this. It’s used for things like magazines and business cards. Because it doesn’t absorb the ink, you have to be careful when touching it. You don’t want to smear the ink or the images. Since the ink remains on the surface, however, it also makes your colors and ink stand out. If you want your graphics to pop, this may be the perfect type of paper for you.

If You Need a Serious Aesthetic, Opt for a Matte Paper

Some of our clients aren’t looking for glossy or shiny printing solutions. Instead, they want the paper to absorb the ink so it’s durable and smear resistant. This matte paper is lusterless and has no chemical coating. When you print on this paper, the ink will soak in rather quickly. This means the words and images aren’t going to stand out as much as they would on a shiny or glossy surface.

People who come to us looking to print up pamphlets or marketing tools often choose this type of paper. They want their final products to last long enough to make it out in the mail. These papers are also circulated a good bit. The durability factor is important.

Perhaps You Need Paper with a Watermark?

The last type of paper we’ll discuss here is watermarked paper. This is the least used paper, especially in our office. When people come to Greenville Printing Solutions, it’s typically for larger jobs. They may be sending out promotional materials or need new business cards printed for a new associate. Very rarely do large jobs get done on watermarked paper.

This does not mean, however, that you don’t need this kind of paper in your supply room. Every business and self-employed businessperson should have a healthy stock of watermarked paper. This is perfect for when you need to send paper that will be authenticated. For example, since this paper has your logo emblazoned on it, clients may know to disregard solicitations that don’t contain your watermark.

This paper is often used by colleges, corporations, and law firms. Because of the watermark, it’s more secure to use this paper. If you are sending a private correspondence to somebody, you can tell them to specifically look for your watermark. If they don’t see it, they know it isn’t authentic.

Contact Greenville Printing Solutions for All Your Printing Needs

We understand that the last thing you think about at the end of the day is your printing needs. Usually, you don’t realize how important this kind of thing is until you’re knee-deep in a project. The good news is that we can accommodate your business needs at any time. Greenville Printing Solutions not only offers a variety of different types of papers, but they will also help you decide which type of paper suits your printing needs/

If you’re looking to have new brochures or pamphlets printed, let us know. We can show you how the graphics will look on a variety of different types of paper. Pick out the one that suits you best and we can get started on your printing needs.

If you’re looking for printers in Greenville, South Carolina, you can count on Greenville Printing Solutions. They offer a variety of printing products and solutions for your home and office. It doesn’t matter what kind of printing job you’re looking to have done. Call our store and ask us for your free estimate.

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