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Top 7 Promotional Products Realtors Can Use

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The real estate sector is typically marked by intense competition and promotional products can make a lot of difference for your business as a realtor. Given the sheer competition, it is important for any realtor to stand out in every way possible in order to better market their business and gain success. Even for well-established real estate agents, the challenge is to sustain their client base while attempting to grow it at the same time.

Promotional products play a proven role in helping businesses retain customer loyalty. This is true for the real estate business as well. Statistics show that nearly 90% consumers can recall the company behind a promotional product that they have received in the last two years.

When it comes to promotional products, it is important to make the right choices in view of your customers. For real estate agents in particular, the following products can be an effective medium for advertising and marketing.

Customized Pens

Even though we are living through a digital age, pens remain an important tool. People still need pens to perform all sorts of paperwork. You can choose a quality pen and customize it with your brand message. A good pen is one that works well, looks great and is all-around easy to use. You can also experiment with different types of pens and pen colors to determine what works best with your clients.


T-shirts continue to be among the most popular promotional products. The best thing about them is that they are used more frequently and became a sort of advertising medium for your business. When one of your customers wears a t-shirt branded with your logo and business message, others who see it are very likely to be piqued. To make sure you get it right, it is important that you choose the message carefully, keep it brief and to the point.


Tumblers are another excellent choice of a promotional product because they typically see a lot of use. A stylish and high-quality tumbler is sure to be used by your customers at their homes, offices and even during travel. As with t-shirts, the branding of the tumblers matters a lot and directly impacts how your message is received. A well-done logo with a brief but effective message should be enough to do the job.

Custom-Shaped Items

The ‘house’ icon is very popular with the real estate sector, and for good reasons. After all, you are expected to help people find homes as a realtor. You can use this perception to your advantage when advertising through promotional products. House-shaped banks, bags, mouse pads and other items can really get your message across to your target audience. You can also experiment with other icons like keys, buildings and skyscrapers to have products custom-designed for your business.

Power Banks

Power banks have become an essential item of carry for most commuters and travelers. This makes them a good promotional product that you can gear at your customers. A sleek power bank designed with your logo on top can go a long way towards advertising your business.

Tablet and Laptop Sleeves

Many people today need to carry their laptops and tablets from one place to another, typically from their homes to offices every day. A slim and stylish sleeve that helps them carry these items in style can be a very useful product for these people. A quality sleeve should also be versatile so that you can fit in your smartphone, power bank and another item or two in its side pockets. A simple logo of your real estate business with a tiny icon will do the trick of branding the bag.

Calendar Magnets

Small, stylish magnets are in vogue these days. These can stick to fridge fronts and a variety of other surfaces. When using magnets as a promotional product, it is best to add some useful information, such as the yearly calendar, on the magnet itself. This makes your target audience more likely to use the product oftener.

Get High-Quality Promotional Products in Greenville, SC

When it comes to promotional products, you must make sure that you use high-quality products. The longer your products are going to last, the longer they are going to remind the users of your business.

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