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6 Tips to Use Retail Signage Effectively

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The ultimate purpose of a retail location is to attract customers and persuade them to buy the products or services you offer. The signage you use at your retail store plays a vital role in achieving these goals. This is why it is important to get retail signage right. The signage at the store front, in particular, serves as the first impression for your customers. You want this first impression to be good enough to draw them in and initiate a good experience.

Here are some tips on how to use retail signage effectively and make sure it helps you achieve your business goals.

#1. Use Fun and Attractive Outdoor Designs

The outdoor design elements you use for signage at your store are literally the first thing a passing customer looks at. So you need to make it fun and attractive. Many stores use changeable outdoor signage which they can update on a daily or weekly basis. While that sounds fun, it may also come off as casual. If you want a more professional outlook for the signage, you can go with a boldly designed banner or flex. In both cases, the actual design, text and fonts you use will make a lot of difference.

#2. Be Brief and Concise

Retail signage is all about getting your point across without being verbose. You are literally catering to an attention span of a few seconds. If your potential customer can’t read the signage and get its message in a quick look, you need to reconsider it. As a rule of thumb, use the minimum amount of words. If there are a lot of concise pieces of signage in your locality, you can even pique a customer’s interest with a single extraordinary word or phrase.

#3. Use the Right Colors

The colors you use directly impact how your customers perceive your signage. High contrast color combinations such as black and white are known to attract customers more effectively. Signage using contrasting colors is also easier to read.

Similarly, other colors can be used to specific effects. Lighter colors, in general, inspire trust and tranquility in the onlookers. Brighter colors can be used to incite excitement and a sense of fun. Black, purple and other deep shades are best used to create a sense of mystery and luxury.

#4. Position the Signage Correctly

Retail signage can be posted at various heights and positions. You can use it at eye level, below the eye level in a lying-on-ground piece of signage, hanging from the ceiling, placed on a tabletop and various other positions. Ultimately, the actual position of the signage will largely depend on the message you are putting across.

Directional signage should best be used above eye level, ideally hanging down from the ceiling. Promotional signage should be placed at eye level to ensure maximum comfort and convenience as a customer looks at it. You can experiment by positioning signage at different levels and finding one that yields the best results for you.

#5. Use All Available Spaces

As a retail location, maximize the use of your signage by exploring all the spaces where you can place it. If you have delivery vehicles, for instance, you can use retail signage on them. In fact, signage on vehicles is immensely effective and adds to your brand authority. As more people identify you from ‘that vehicle I saw on the street’, you essentially get more street credit with the customers.

#6. Pick the Right Fonts

The right font type and size is an important decision to make when you are designing signage for your retail business. A good font is easy to read, not too small to tax a reader’s eyes, and is in sync with the message you are conveying. A casual font can go well with a casual message. On the other hand, a financial institution using a casual font to attract customers may result in a failure. So make sure the font also rhymes with your business and the message.


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