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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Products

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Promotional products are an excellent way of expanding the outreach, visibility and recognition of your business. It helps you retain loyalty among existing customers while helping you click in new customers at the same time. Such products have long been used by businesses around the world, with great results.

A study shows that 89% people remember a brand when they receive a promotional product. Nearly 85% will go back to do business with the company that offered them such a product.

The great thing about promotional products is that their sphere of influence is not limited. They bring your brand or business to the notice of not only the one who is using them but others as well who may see it being used.

If you are considering using promotional products for your business, here are 6 great reasons to do so, according to our Greenville print experts.

Brand Recognition

As briefly mentioned above, promotional products are a great way of enhancing your brand recognition. Brand recognition is typically built upon two things – that your brand’s image or identifying logo is advertised in as many places as possible; and that this logo is remembered by the maximum number of people who see it.

Promotional products achieve both goals. Nearly 90% people remember a brand after receiving a promotional product. They also become brand ambassadors when they brandish or use the products in front of others, increasing brand visibility.

Customer Retention

It is incredibly hard to retain customers in this day and age where customers have endless options. However, the cornerstone of any successful business marketing strategy is the retention of existing customers. This is because existing customers are more likely to do business with you again compared to new customers.

Promotional products help you ensure this retention by serving as a constant reminder to your customers. If the promotional product is premium-grade and practically useful, it reminds the customers of the quality and functionality you offer.

Better Brand Exposure

It can be hard to achieve good brand visibility and exposure with endless online and offline advertising avenues. However, promotional products make the job easier. Studies reveal that customers are a lot more likely to remember a brand whose promotional product they received, compared to one which they saw on a newspaper or a billboard. If your product is something that can be used often, such as a coffee mug, it only multiples this brand exposure and cements it in the memory of a customer.

Practical Utility

A flier or a newspaper ad has little practical utility. Both are likely to be tossed in the bin briefly. This is not the case with a well-done promotional product. A good product serves a practice purpose and is handy. If it is high-quality, it will continue to serve a customer for well over a year. By offering genuine practical utility and value to a customer, it enhances your brand’s value in the eyes of that customer.

Repeat Business

Promotional products also help you garner repeat business. This is particularly the case when you add your brand and contact details on a product such as a promotional pen. When the need arises, a customer is more likely to look up your contact info and get in touch instead of finding another company offering the same set of services. It also creates a perception that you are available to serve your customers, just like your promotional product is there to serve them in person.

Affordable and Effective

One of the best reasons to use promotional products is that they are an incredibly affordable way of marketing your business. While you may not have the big budget to get on the major billboards or run ads on TV, promotional products are an excellent way to achieve effective marketing by retaining your existing customer base and adding new prospects to it.

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