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All about Advertising Flags and How They Can Help Your Business

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Competition is tough in your field, in all fields now, and your only option to survive in this market is aggressive advertising. You’ve probably looked into billboards, digital signage, video commercials, and many other expensive solutions. But what about the good old advertising flags?

They have been around for quite some time, they are easy to use, affordable, and very effective. The least you can do is consider them as an alternative. The following information will help you assess whether they are right for your business or not.

Flags as an Accessible Out-of-Home Advertising Solution

Just like billboards, banners, vehicle signage, and car wraps, flags are an out-of-home advertising solution. They are marketing materials meant to promote and raise awareness of your brand to anyone passing by.

Just by seeing your flags, with your business logo and company colors, people will develop a subconscious fixation for it. When they finally need the products or services you provide, their exposure to your brand will influence their buying decision without them even realizing it.

Why choose flags over the other above-mentioned types of out-of-home advertising? You do not have to choose. The best approach is to use as many and as varied marketing materials as possible. If you do have to choose, flags will surely appeal to you more, as they are more affordable and very easy to set up.

They are also very versatile, being available in various shapes and sizes, and allowing you to play with text, colors, and graphics.

Advertising Flag Shapes to Consider

Advertising flags are available in three common shapes, which dictate the use of the flag:

  • Teardrop Flags – They are perfect for logos, single graphics, and short messages, best printed in the broad top area. Placed outdoors, they gracefully sway in the wind, drawing attention to the message they carry.
  • Feather Flags – Not too different from teardrop flags, they can display more information. It is best to distribute the message vertically and choose the design carefully, so as to make the most of the curved area at the top. It will surely draw more attention, and you want to take advantage. Feather flags are available in four styles, according to the bottom edge design: straight, angled, concave, and convex.
  • Rectangle Flags – If you want to keep things simple and convenient, you cannot go wrong with them. They accommodate more text and logos than the other two alternatives and they are easier to design and manufacture and, therefore cheaper.

But the shape of the flag, although important, is not everything. You should also care about assembly, installation, stability, and durability.

Aspects to Consider When Ordering Advertising Flags

Before investing in advertising flags, you should decide where you will be using them. If they will be placed indoors, you need to consider space and stability. You would not want them to get in the way or fall on visitors.

If they will be placed outdoors, you need materials that will withstand moisture and temperature variations, colors that do not wash off, and poles or mounting kits able to withstand wind. Choose the installation spots carefully as well, to ensure maximum safety and visibility.

Other aspects to pay attention to are:

  • Colors – While it is important to stick to your brand colors, do not neglect visibility. Your text and graphics should be in contrast with the background and the environment colors. Otherwise, they will be difficult to read, especially from a distance.
  • Portability – If you are going to move the flags from one location to another, it helps to have them lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and take down.
  • Long-term use perspective – It is up to you if you use advertising flags for specific campaigns and promotions or for general marketing. However, if you are planning for long-term use, stick to general messages or choose systems that allow you to replace the printed material.
  • Simplicity – Do not overload your flags with large chunks of text or several phone numbers or email addresses. Keep everything short and simple. The same goes for the fonts: stay away from antique scripts or handwriting fonts!
  • Professionalism – If you want your advertising flags to reach their full potential, have them designed and printed by professionals. This way, you will get the most on all the above criteria and especially in terms of advertising.

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