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How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Business?

Promotional products for a Greenville, SC, business.

Over the past few years, traditional business marketing and promotion methods have been eclipsed by new mediums and ad opportunities. Notable among these is the ability to promote your business through branded products. Products like t-shirts, mugs, writing accessories, and drink-ware are increasingly being used by businesses to gain better exposure. The ease and affordability of acquiring promotional products mean that even small and medium businesses can use them today. At Greenville Print Solutions we specialize in printing promotional business products for your company.

According to a study, people who receive promotional products keep them for seven to eight months on average. This makes such products a long-term advertisement for your business. The following are some of the key benefits promotional products may offer for your company.

More Customers and Sales

Nearly 90% of people who receive a company’s promotional product will seek the company when they require relevant services. This means that a product that is useful and liked by the recipient is very likely to turn him or her into a potential customer. In the long-term, this can significantly impact the overall sales and growth of your business.

Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition rests on both visibility and authority. With a high-quality promotional product, you can achieve both at a minimum cost. Nearly 90% of people remember a company if they’ve received a promotional product from that company in the last two years. This is simply because a promotional product is likely to be of use to a person in everyday life. An object such as a pen or a mug will see daily usage and the customer will consciously or unconsciously look at your logo every time he or she uses it.

Increased Customer Loyalty

In addition to attracting new customers and growing your business, it is equally important to retain your existing customer base. This is best done by providing value to these customers and an excellent way to do so is by offering branded promotional products. You can offer these products to a select group of customers, such as those who do business with you a certain number of times. This way, you are able to enhance the loyalty of your best customers. You can also periodically offer promotional products to your own employees to ensure their loyalty.

Excellent Return on Investment

Promotional products are one of the most affordable advertising methods. Other advertisements typically have a very short life span. A promotional product, on the other hand, will stay with an existing or potential customer for months. During this time, it will be used countless times and receive hundreds of impressions. This makes a promotional product an excellent investment. A report by Advertising Specialty Institute estimates that for a promotional writing pen, the cost of an impression is 1/10th of a cent.

Better Way to Reach Your Audience

Promotional products offer a creative medium to reach your audience. You can use such products to communicate the values your business stands for. Recyclable products, for instance, can be used to project the eco-friendly vision of your company. Locally manufactured products can be used to show your support for the local artisans. There’s a lot of space here to bring together your business goals, your company’s values, and the right products. When done right, the combination is sure to win over your target audience.

Better Chances of Social Media Shares

Novel ideas and products often go viral on social media. A unique promotional product has the potential to attract the interest of social media. With a bit of creativity, you can craft products that will surprise and delight the recipients. These recipients may then become your brand ambassadors, sharing details of your products and your business over social media, triggering a marketing blitz.

Improved Business Credibility

The credibility of your business depends on whether people perceive you as a bold, leading and recognized name in your industry or niche. A great way of enhancing your credibility is through promotional products. Your logo on such products projects the confidence and authority of your brand. It also shows that you are a brand that has a staying power, just like the promotional product itself.

Get Customized Promotional Products for Your Business

If you are in need of customized promotional products for your business, contact Greenville Print Solutions. We specialize in creating brand products that reflect your business and are geared at achieving your business goals. We can print your logo and company details on a wide range of products including t-shirts, polo shirts, bags, water bottles, USBs, wrist bands, pens, and other items. Contact our Greenville printing specialists today to get a free quote.

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