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Business Signage: When Should You Purchase Signs?

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Is there a right time to purchase signage as a new business? Launching a business is an exciting and scary moment in any business owner’s life. But as you may know, there is a lot of work to be done before your business finally opens its doors. One of those tasks is promoting your upcoming services.

While digital marketing is an effective tool, business signage is still just as effective when letting locals know you’re about to open. If you are still in the pre-launch stage, here’s when you need to start thinking and purchasing signage for your business.

When Should You Buy Your Business Signs


You may think it’s a little counterintuitive to promote yourself when your service isn’t officially ready for customers, but having a business sign on the side of the road or on the back of a company vehicle can grab your future customers’ attention.

Think about a recent grand opening you’ve seen of a local store, even a chain welcoming its new location. You likely saw a few of those flags or banners outside the sore waving proudly in the air announcing the grand opening.

What you also might have noticed was a previous sign that included the name of the business and that it was coming soon. Every business needs a pre-launch phase where you elevate and spread brand awareness. This is exactly what you should do: purchase signs for your business to promote before your open.

Even after the pre-launch phase, signage is important to welcome your customers for the grand opening and weeks to follow. Having welcoming signage can give your company a sense of professionalism to establish yourself from the start.

Where Should You Place Your Business Signs?

There’s a lot of places you can put your business signage outdoors. If you have the budget to buy a billboard advertisement, this can be a monument benefit for spreading the word to a wide range of people.

Other than off the side of a highway, here are some other locations you can place your promotional business signage:

  • Off the side of the road (near the opening of the storefront)
  • By the side of your table or behind at a vendor event
  • In the parking lot

Location matters for your signage since visibility is what you are after. That means even with the location you choose, there are specifics to follow for easy viewing.

A general rule of thumb is to think of the “traffic zones” of your customers and places where your signage can easily be seen. One big location placement is to remember is the number 45. Basically, your signs should be placed 45 degrees up or below eye level.

Make Sure You Have An Appealing Message

Depending on the format and size of your signage, you don’t have a whole lot of room to play around with wording.

Business signage is typically short and sweet, mostly one short sentence, and the word choice needs to be compelling enough to reach the reader and make them react.

The biggest thing your sign needs is a call to action. Urge your customers to take action quickly when your store opens up so their life. With that being said, it’s important that you understand who your target market is and how they think so your message can translate specifically to them.

When it comes time to design and purchase your signage, here are something to keep in mind that your sign will need:

  • An eye-appealing shape
  • Colors that are catchy yet still reflect your brand
  • Big and bold letters (with colors that contrast beautifully with the background colors)
  • Your business name/services
  • Your contact information

Remember that space is limited on business signage. The message you create should be short and concise and relays perfectly what your business is all about. If you’re a lawn cutting service, make sure readers of the sign will walk away knowing what you offer.

Design Your Sign Today

Already open for business? It’s never too late to create a beautiful sign that articulates your brand and what you do. Our professionals at Greenville Printing Solutions know the right questions to ask to capture the right signage for your company.

After 22 years in the industry, we have gone on the create business signage and flags for every business occasion.

Whether you need signage for a corporate event, promotions, grand opening, or coming soon, our services can help you create the signage of your dreams that attracts customers and elevates your awareness.

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