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Business Signage: Where To Promote Your Service

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Trying to figure out the best place to put up your business signage? It’s important to have your company and services in front of as many prospective clients as possible, but the right location is key.

So, how do you know where the right location to promote your services is? Well, at Greenville Printing Solutions, we’ve figured it out.

Here’s how to market your business signage effectively and where to post your signs to reach more consumers.

Why Placement Matters

A lot of people view signage as the olden days of marketing, but it’s proven to be just as effective as promoting your business online.

Creating your sign is half the battle. There are strategic rules a business has to follow to create business signs that not only reflect their services but also catch their consumers’ eyes. Once those awesome signs are created, it’s time to figure out where to best place your signage.

Placement matters almost like knowing when the right time in the social media algorithm is the best time to post something online. You have to catch your consumer at the right place at the right time for your marketing to be effective.

When it comes to posting your signage, the placement is important for capturing attention that leads to more clients in your record books. There are two broad areas to place your business signage: indoor and outdoor spaces.

Here’s how to do both effectively.

Indoor Signs

If you have a store or have a store within another shopping area like a mall, you could use indoor signs for several reasons. The first is to bring awareness to different promotions you have going on.

When you use your signage to advertise different sales or promotions you have going on, it is likely to catch the customer’s eyes and make them feel more eager to buy. While you are using signage to promote your sales, you could also take the opportunity to post pictures in your signage of your products “in motion” as a visual aid for your consumers, which are also great aids for encouraging people to buy.

If your store is located in a mall or shopping center, indoor signage in the main hallway can attract new customers to your store. The signs inside your store will attract your products and increase your sales. It’s a win-win.

Places you can post your indoor signage can be along the walls of your store and behind the cashier desk.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are where you get the opportunity to grab new customers’ attention. The indicate your business name, service, and way to contact you.

Your outdoor signs can give your business the visibility it needs to pick up its customer base, especially if you put them in the right places. Some of those locations include billboards along highways, in previous clients’ yards, or at the entrance of a parking lot.

If your business is invited to participate in an event with several other vendors, it is crucial that you bring with you a big business sign with bright colors and easy to read text to draw attention to your booth so customers can inquire about your services.

Business signage that is outside, especially on billboards, should have some sort of illumination to make it easy to see at night. Some businesses that have outdoor signs on their building have illuminated lights that stay on all night, some even change vibrant colors to easily grab attention.

Outdoor signs are important for any business that is looking to increase its sales and client base. It’s vital to create the best outdoor sign you can and start placing them where they can be seen.

Still Unsure of Where to Post Your Signage? We Can Help

It can be difficult finding the right place to host your business signage, especially when there are certain laws about where you can and can’t market your service. While it’s easy to say everywhere is a great place for a business sign, Greenville Printing Solutions know that’s not the case.

Not only can we help you create the ultimate sign for your business, but we can help you find the best locations for them to sit. We understand that when you create and promote a business sign, it’s really for your customers to chase you, not the other way around.

Are you ready to scale your business? Call us at Greenville Printing Solutions today to get started!

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