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How to Create the Best Trade Show Display

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If you are preparing to participate in a trade show, displays and booth rent may require a considerable investment. However, it should be worth it. Whether you target the local Greenville market or you have bigger plans, this move can greatly benefit your business. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 99% of marketers find unique value in these events.

  • 60% of them treasured the ability to see customers and prospects in the same place
  • 51% appreciated the opportunity to meet customers and prospects face-to-face
  • 47% valued the ability to meet all the players in their industry face-to-face

In other words, there is no doubt the trade show can open new doors for you and your business. You can spy on your competition and find new suppliers and business partners. You can raise awareness on your brand, obtain customer feedback, and boost your sales.

How do you transform these amazing possibilities into reality? You need some amazing trade show display graphics. If you like being in control and you do not mind “getting your hands dirty”, you can create them yourself. Today’s technological advancements have surely made DIY processes easier.

But, since the graphics you create will influence the results you obtain, you want to do things right. You can either outsource the creation of your trade show displays to professionals or do your homework. If you want to give the latter option a try, the following tips will help you.

5 Tips on Creating Amazing Trade Show Display Graphics

1. Make Sure All Your Trade Show Displays Include the Basic Elements

You want them to draw attention, send your message, describe your activity, and tell people who you are and where they can find you. For that, they will need to include:

  • Visuals
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Company Name and Logo
  • Contact Details

2. Choose Your Graphics Carefully

You want simple, clear, bold images that people can easily associate with your business. You do not want the graphics to distract viewers from the story you are trying to sell. On the contrary, the graphics should complete and emphasize the story.

3. Short, Simple, Readable, and Memorable Headlines Rule

At the event, most people will pass by your trade show display. They are not looking for you, so you have to draw them. No one will read long headlines in small fonts, and you do not want the headline to cover the rest of the graphics either.

Therefore, keep it short and simple. Find something common yet unique, representative for your business. When your prospects and customers hear or see those words, they should instantly associate them with your brand.

4. Don’t Get Carried Away with the Description

You want to share as much as possible about your business, and it is easy to get carried away. Do not! People do not come to trade shows to read novels. They come to see something new, to compare, and to learn. All you have to do is grab their attention, raise interest.

If you succeed, your website and social media pages will do the rest. Just to clarify, no matter if you target local or national markets, without a local presence you do not exist. Therefore, before creating your trade show display graphics, make sure to create a website and social media accounts and have someone manage them. This way, your audience will have more ways to reach you, and you will have several valuable marketing channels available.

5. Choose Your Fonts Carefully

You want a font that is easy to read and in line with the image you are trying to create. Aim for a considerable size, but not so big as to divert interest from the story you are trying to create. Finally, make sure the color matches the graphics.

You need contrast, to make sure the text is readable, but not too much to create a gap between the text and the story. Also, do not be afraid to play with different fonts and graphics for the different elements of your trade show displays. People need to be able to separate the headline from the description, company name, and contact details. However, they should still have some elements in common, something that will give the display unity, cohesiveness.

Need Help with Your Trade Show Display?

Embedding all the above tips in your trade show displays can be challenging, especially if this is your first attempt. Before you risk your business plans and image on DIY attempts, the least you can do is consider alternatives.

At Greenville Print Solutions, we have considerable experience creating catchy, effective, displays, signage, promotional products, and more. We can help you make the most of your presence at the event, and it will not even cost you too much. Our trade show displays are effective both when it comes to serving their purpose and when it comes to costs. Request a quote and see for yourself!

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