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The History of Signage

History of Signage

For centuries, we’ve relied on signage, it’s what lets people know who we are. It is used by churches, schools and especially commercial businesses. But it’s more than just a physical thing. Signage is something truly embedded in our culture.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have the Hollywood sign? This iconic Hollywood fixture was erected in 1923, almost 100 years ago. The sign does a lot more than signify that you’re in a town called Hollywood. It brings to mind all the glamour and allure of that fairytale land in California where movies are made.
Signage also brings people together. Think back to Superbowl 52. It was the most watched show in the history of television. When it comes to sports, signage is huge. People can identify with their stadium’s entrance sign. When April rolls around, millions of people are comforted by the fact that spring training has started. Images of Fenway Field come to mind. These images would be bland if it weren’t for signage.

Where Did the Notion of Signage Come From?

The word signage actually comes from the French word “signe.” This word was used to convey the way French people communicated using their hands. It made its way to England in the 1800s.
Shops and businesses realized that they could really attract new customers by creating unique signs. They would hang these sings prominently outside their businesses. People would come to associate the signage with the quality and value of the business.
Over the last century, stores had to deal with competition. In order to stand out, they needed interesting and attractive signage. It’s what made people cross the street to go a shop even though there is another one right down the road.

Why is Signage Important?

You could have a great product but it means nothing if nobody knows who you are. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s important that your signage show people who you are. You need to stand out among the pack. A creative and enticing sign can do just that!
Imagine what a world would be without it. Can you imagine arriving in Las Vegas and not seeing the bright lights and signs of the strip? It would become nothing more than a tourist city. It wouldn’t have any of the excitement and lure that it has today.
The same is true for your business. You can set up shop on a busy street corner but if nobody remembers you’re there, what does it matter? If nobody is attracted to your store, nobody is going to come in.

How Has the Digital World Affected Signage?

One fear of a lot of brick and mortar shops was that the internet would destroy their business. With so many people shopping online, do things like signage still matter? Not only does it matter – it’s more important than ever before.
When it comes to the digital world, you can look at it two ways. Either you become obsolete or you discover an exciting new way to brand your business. If you embrace all the digital world has to offer, you can create signage that is bold, bright and interactive.
Smart business owners have taken advantage of digital technology to do with it what they couldn’t do ten or twenty years ago. You can use computer graphics to create cool and interesting signs for your company that attract people all over the digital world.

How Can You Create Optimum Signage Today?

Whether you run a small car dealership or a hair salon, you need good signage. You’re going to want to rely on a company that knows what it takes to attract customers using innovative signage. In order to keep up with the competition, you should rely on it and printing experts such as Greenville Print Solutions.
Greenville Print Solutions offers everything your business needs to stand out in today’s ever-changing marketplace. They can custom make signage and print solutions for your business needs, including:
• Banners
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You may not know where to start when it comes to creating a unique and innovative introduction to your business. That’s why Greenville Print Solutions offers you a wide variety of design and print solutions.
Call today and talk one of our expert representatives. They can help you get started on the road to recognition! With over 30 years’ experience, they are sure to know just what it takes to make you stand out.

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