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Hacks for Promoting Your Small Business: Flags and Banners

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One of the most common challenges that small businesses face is marketing their products and services while being on a budget. Fortunately, there are a couple of affordable options out there, and flags and banners are among the best of them! These types of promotional materials are a cost-effective marketing option to keep your business in demand.

Still not convinced that flags and banners are one of your best options? Haven’t you been walking down the street and noticed a big Nike or Gucci banner right in front of you? Exactly! Even the world’s biggest brands still invest in this type of promotional material. Let’s follow their example!

Flags and Banners Are the Next Steps for Your Business’ Success

Looking to stand out from your competitors? A well-designed, quality flag or banner can help you out!  The more interesting and unique they are, the more it will catch the attention of potential customers, reinforcing your business’ image in their minds. Take a look at the advantages of including flags and banners in your marketing plan:

  • Moneywise

It is clear that producing more complex advertising materials is way expensive which can hold back small businesses such as yours, but this does not mean you have to stay out of the field! Even if you sum the cost of outsourcing the design of your banner, and then the printing, it still a lot cheaper than a TV or radio ad.

  • Long-term investment

You want your advertising material to last. Banners provide durability at an affordable cost as they are made of vinyl which can last for long periods with regular maintenance. Make sure that the inks used are resistant to the elements so they won’t fade or crack through time.

  • Effectiveness

As flags and banners are one of the most traditional types of advertising, their effectiveness is already well-proved. The material used can blend very well with the backgrounds catching people’s attention easily. And especially, if you use the basic they can look enticing to customers becoming more appealing than online advertisements.

  • Memorable

It is known that people will remember your service or product you offer if they have seen your advertising outdoors. For example, a daycare business might post flags or banners in residential areas!

People will pass by multiple times every day, see your advertising and remember your business when they would need it! Remember to your business address and contact details, so your customers can easily reach you out.

  • Fast

Due to the type of material used and the long rehearsed design techniques, making flags and banners for your business are way faster than radio and TV advertisements. If you need advertising on short notice, choosing flags and banners is your best option!

  • To go!

Do you have a weekend show? Or are simply changing your business location? Flags and banners are easy to carry and assemble, so you can take them everywhere. They can be easily put in the most convenient places for you. Usually, they are lightweight and easily portable.

Tips for Designing Banners & Flags: Your Business’ Image Is Key

Including flags and banners in your marketing plan is essential to promote your small business, and even though it is obvious which elements are to be included in your flags and banners’ design, here are some tips to improve its appearance:

Choice of Color Matters

It is important to always use the colors of your business and to have an agreeable color combination by using a contrast of warm and cool colors.

Be Precise

The more, the merrier? Not in the case. Fewer words will grab the attention of potential clients, as well adding white spaces help your text to be more legible from a distance.

Use Images

Use powerful images or anything that enhances your service or product, but do not clutter the space with small images!

Add Your Logo (Obviously!)

It is evident you need to add your logo, so make sure it is visible, legible, and noticeable!

Choose Quality Materials

Choose quality materials, even if they are a bit more expensive. If a flag or a banner is too light, or the ink used is of poor quality, it won’t last and eventually, will crack.

Do Not Wait Any Longer and Start Making a Statement With Your Flags and Banners!

With banners and flags on your side, your business’ image will be available 24/7. Excited to get one? Make sure to get in touch with real specialists! All of our flags and banners are cost-effective, space-efficient, reusable, portable, and customizable!

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