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Highly Effective Advertising For Your Business in Greenville & Upstate SC


Greenville Print Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Business Signage Can Help Your Business

Are you making sure that prospects and passersby are aware of the existence of your business? Do you have a proper and attractive designation to attract the attention of people who are walking by your corporate venue or commuters?

A sign is one of the best ways to promote a Greenville business to the local community. While signage may be considered an old-school popularization approach, it comes with many benefits. Let us explore some of the top reasons why a beautiful, well-crafted sign makes sense for every business out there.

Greenville Signage Facts and Statistics

Before moving on to the top reasons for the creation of a sign for your Greenville business, let us examine some statistics and market research.

Signs are perfect for both on-premise and off-premise use. They can be placed strategically to convey the right message to the right group of people. Since a ton of personalization is possible, signs can be used to accomplish an array of marketing goals on top of designating a business location.

Take the following numbers in consideration – 76 percent of people go into a store they have never visited before because of a sign, a FedEx study suggests. In addition, 67 percent of the individuals questioned said that they have bought a product or a service because of an eye-catching sign.

Over 50 percent of people have refrained from entering a store because of poor quality signage. The good news is that many businesses are starting to understand the importance of signs. Almost 60 percent of companies say that a change in sign design or visibility has had a direct impact on sales or the number of transactions with prospects.

Keeping these numbers in mind, let us examine some of the most important strategic benefits of high-quality sign creation.

Signs Result in a Tangible Increase in Sales

Not only do signs make a business location easier to find, but they also have a direct impact on revenue.

Even a small directional sign can have an effect on passersby. One study suggests that such a sign could deliver an increase in sales ranging between four and 12 percent. A large pole sign could cause an increase ranging from 8.6 to 15 percent.

While the effect has been reported to differ across industries, it is always a positive one.

Why are signs so great at helping companies improve their financial results? The answer is simple – they bring in new customers. In fact, signs are so powerful that they have been used to bring in nearly 50 percent of a startup’s new customers.

Greenville Signs Are Perfect for Local Advertising

Digital technologies and innovative advertising methods like social media marketing make it very simple for companies to go national, even international with their campaigns. For many businesses, however, appealing to a local crowd is a goal of utmost importance.

Signage in Greenville is probably the most powerful way to appeal to a local crowd.

According to research, 85 percent of the consumers of community businesses live or work within a five-mile radius. These people need information about the existence of the company, information that they can receive while passing by.

Many people will stop at a location on impulse or out of curiosity. This is particularly true when it comes to a sign message that appeals to or engages the particular audience.

Reducing the Cost of Greenville Business Advertising

Many local businesses simply cannot afford to carry out massive advertising campaigns on TV or via billboards. These businesses are operating on a limited budget, and they need a cost-efficient promotional method.

A sign is very affordable, especially if you choose the right service provider. When they are crafted from quality materials, signs will be long-lived, and they will deliver a high return on investment.

Signage reduces the cost per customer acquisition, and as already mentioned, it results in a revenue increase. All of these financial parameters combined suggest that signage is affordable and ideal for both large corporations and small local companies that are working hard towards ensuring their long-term survival.

Signs Have Much Better Parameters than Other Advertising Techniques

Comparing the use of signage to other advertising methods can also shed some light on its massive benefits.

A recent study suggests that the cost of 1,000 sign views is 0.02 dollars. In comparison, the cost of 1,000 views when you use newspaper advertorials in a local publication is 2.83 dollars. In addition, marketing experts believe that ads in print publications allow local companies to reach only 50 percent of their targeted audience.

Things become even more expensive when other forms of advertising are explored. The cost of 1,000 views when television advertising is being utilized is 10 dollars. Apart from being quite expensive, television promotion cannot really ensure sufficient targeting.

Making the Online-Offline Connection

Greenville signage is great for use in a campaign that utilizes multiple channels. It could establish the link between online and offline promotional efforts.

A sign can provide information about the website of a company or its Facebook page. The use of a QR code on the sign itself makes it incredibly easy for passersby to scan with their smartphone and access additional information about the business.

All that it takes is a bit of creativity and some knowledge of the advertising approaches that can be expected to work well together. By bringing online and offline campaigns together, you will be appealing to a much broader audience, and you will be making the best possible use of every single channel.

Signs are versatile; signs are informative and noticeable. They are inexpensive and easy to make, especially if you have the right design and printing partner. All of these characteristics reveal just how beneficial signage can be for every single business in Greenville.

While signs are perfect, they have to be used strategically. Think about your marketing goal and your audience before moving on to signage design. If you do not have the needed experience, consult a professional. Every single graphic element and color should be chosen consciously. By being deliberate and strategic, you will be making the most of this advertising opportunity.

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