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What Are Step and Repeat Banners and How They Could Boost Your Business


A step and repeat banner is such an effective marketing tool to boost your brand recognition. Investing in a good one is needed especially if you are holding an event. But check out our guidelines to make sure your investment in step and repeat banner spots on!

What Is A Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat is a process of placing one same image on the plate for multiple times. Thus, a step and repeat banner is a backdrop banner with the same repetitive images such as brand logo or emblem.

It is usually used for publicity purposes, in various events like the red carpet, press conferences, grand openings, or conventions.

Why Should You Invest in A Step and Repeat Banner?

People will take photos during your event, be they formal images for various magazines or a  newspaper or even just casual selfies for Instagram feeds. Thus, the brand logo you printed on your step and repeat banner will be captured and posted in many places. Sounds a bit like free advertising, isn’t it?

This kind of banner is inexpensive and you might even reuse it again on the next event. Also, it is portable and doesn’t take much space of your venue.

How to Make the Best Investment in Step and Repeat Banners?

To ensure the effectivity of your investment in step and repeat banner, you should know what to consider and what to look for before buying one. Here is your guideline :

  • Size

Size means the size of the banner itself and also the size of your logo printed. Banner size should be considered according to the size of the venue itself. It needs to be big enough to be eye-catchy and attract people, but not too big that it causes discomfort for the people attending your event.

Size also means the size of your logo to be printed. It needs to be easily readable not only by people on your events but also those who see it on social media photograph. Ideally, the logo should be 9-11 inches and 5-7 inches long.

  • Design

The design for step and repeat banner may look simple. But, your logo needs to be attractive enough to get into people’s mind so easily.

The background color of your banner is crucial too, as some colors might cause glaring. The safest choice of color is broken white or greyish white because it is the least likely to cause glare. Don’t worry, it will still appear as clean white on photos.

  • Material

There are two most common materials for step and repeat banner; vinyl and fabric. Vinyl is cheaper but is sensitive to glare, especially if you choose to have a colorful background. So, if your banner design has a background color that is not white, it is more recommended to use the fabric material. You can discuss more with your vendor about the choice of material.

  • Installation

Installing a step and repeat banner is not as easy as it seems, especially if you ordered a special lighting system included. To avoid technical errors, it is better to just get your banner from a professional vendor who offers installation service. Even so, it is still recommended for you to learn how to install it yourself so you can handle things more quickly on your event.

  • Portability

You will bring your company’s step and repeat banner anywhere your company has events. Thus, you need it to be as portable as possible. Choose the banner that can roll up and down easily. Check if it is lightweight enough so you can carry it by yourself.

Here Are Some Extra Tips

Are you ready yet to have your brand’s step and repeat banner? Don’t forget to check out these simple tips:

  1. If you don’t have enough budget for your step and repeat banner, get a sponsor to pay one for you. But this means you will let your sponsor to have their logo printed on the banner alongside with yours. Another downside of this trick is that you might not be able to reuse the banner next time unless they are sponsoring your event again.
  2. Run a few tests of your banner prior to the actual events to avoid technical error, especially on the lighting aspect. Because a failure on D-day might hurt your business reputation.
  3. Provide your own lighting system to make sure anyone use it instead of their own camera flash. This is the trick to avoid them to ruin the result of the photograph.

At this point, you should know already what kind of step and repeat banner you are going to buy. But if you haven’t, there is nothing to worry about! You can simply contact an experienced banner vendor and let them help you decide.

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