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Nine Ways to Incorporate Print into Your Marketing Campaign

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Print marketing is one of the biggest marketing campaign options available to almost all businesses. Print has cemented its reputation in the marketing industry because it caters to businesses of all sizes. Incorporating it into your marketing campaigns allows you to reach and engage your target audience effectively.

Print marketing has been around for years and remains one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Years of research show many customers purchase directly from print advertising businesses. This shows that even with the emergence of tech marketing, your marketing campaigns should include some form of print.

In this blog post, we’ll look at nine ways to incorporate print into your marketing campaign to maximize your reach and ensure that your message gets seen by the right people.

Traditional Mailers

Traditional mailers have been one of the most common and effective strategies in print marketing campaigns. These mailers provide an excellent and effective way to communicate with your target audience directly and personally.

When creating your mailer, capture attention and encourage potential customers to take action. Make sure to include all the relevant information on what you are selling. You should also include information that is relevant to your business.

Call to action highlights should also be included as a “What to do Next.” These include but are not limited to “Sign Up Now” or “Visit Our Website” to encourage readers to take the next step. You should also use images or graphics that help bring your message to life.


Catalogs are some of the most important components of any marketing campaign. Think of them as a gateway for customers to window shop and browse your products and services. When done, the right catalogs can be used to highlight new products or services, promote special offers, or introduce a new brand or concept.

You can also use catalogs to showcase your business’s visual style to build brand loyalty. When designing a catalog, there are some important factors you need to consider. These include considering the size, layout, and content.

To avoid cluttering your catalog design, you can focus on one specific product or service. Use well-placed and clear images, legible font, and other captivating design elements like bold fonts, vibrant colors, and creative imagery to draw in customers.


Brochures are a great way to give your customers a concise summary of your business. This print marketing campaign can showcase your products or services, inform potential customers about your company and mission, or provide general information. Brochures can also be used in trade shows or events as a handout or sent out to potential customers as part of a mailer campaign.

When creating a brochure, you should keep a couple of things in mind. First, make sure to keep your design simple, plus include clear images and text that are easy to read. You should also consider using infographics and/or illustrations to keep the reader engaged. Add your contact information for further inquiries.

Door Hangers

More often than not, businesses underestimate the effectiveness of a well-designed door hanger. The door hangers are the answer if you are looking for an effective way to reach your target audience with minimal effort.

Door hangers can be placed on both residential and commercial doors. They feature discounts, promotions, product launches, or contact information. One of the biggest benefits of door hangers is that they are eye-catching and hard to ignore when placed directly on a door handle.

When designing door hangers, ensure that your design is concise and provides clear directions for customers to take action. To keep up with the times, consider adding a QR code that links to your website for further engagement.


One of the most popular printed items used in marketing campaigns is postcards. Postcards are lightweight, easy to design, and can be used to promote your products or services cost-effectively. To an extent, they may seem old-school to some people, but they are great for sending targeted offers to customers in a particular area, announcing a new product or service, thanking loyal customers, or sending reminders about upcoming events.

You can customize postcards to include your business logo, company colors, text, images, and more. When making postcards, use vibrant colors that stand out and have eye-catching visuals. To track the success and effectiveness of your campaign, add coupon codes or QR codes that customers can use when they make a purchase.


Are you looking for a simple yet cost-effective way to get the word out about your business or upcoming event? Then think flyers. Flyer distribution is a great way to reach customers who don’t have access to the internet or other digital platforms.

When designing your flyers, you need to keep some key fundamentals in mind. These include having your business’s name, logo, contact information, and the main message you want to communicate to customers legible. Plus, use eye-catching images and colors.

Signs and Banners

Print marketing has been used in signs and banners for years, and it doesn’t seem that this is going away any time soon. Signs and banners are a great way to share your business’s message with the greater public. You can place them outdoors in highly visible areas and public spaces like shopping malls, airports, and train stations.

The most effective signs and banners are those that offer an eye-catching message. When customizing your signs and banners, make sure to consider size, shape, and material. You can get signs and banners in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including fabric, vinyl, plastic, foam core, and aluminum.

Vehicle Wraps

Are you looking to spread the word about your business across state lines, cities, or even towns using print? If you are, then it is high time you consider vehicle wraps. Wraps are fast and effective, plus you can always change them, unlike painting your car.

Wraps are large vinyl graphics applied outside your vehicle, such as cars, vans, trucks, and boats. They can be used to display advertising messages, promote brand recognition, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

When making a vehicle wrap, make sure to include eye-catching imagery, text that grabs attention, and important contact information such as your business website, email address, and phone number.


Print merch has always been a good way to get your brand name. Printing your business message on t-shirts, hats, jackets, hoodies, etc., has been used by both small and big businesses. Some of your favorite content creators and influencers have also used this marketing strategy.

Printing on apparel can be done using screen printing or embroidery, depending on your budget. Print on apparel is a great way to spread the word about your brand and create a positive impression of your company.

Depending on your brand, message, and design, you can feature apparel print at different events, including but not limited to trade shows, concerts, meetups, or even conferences. This print marketing strategy is an amazing way for your current and future customers to feel that they are part of the business.

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