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Greenville Print Solutions – Guide to Environmental Graphics

Greenville Print Solutions - Guide to Environmental Graphics

You may not have paid much attention to environmental graphics so far but you should. Think of them as a chance to influence how people experience your brand while visiting your premises.

Environmental graphics are a must for:

  • Retail spaces
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Hospitals
  • Public institutions
  • Event venues, etc.

They represent a chance to create brand stories using messages, colors, images, and fonts. There are five important types of environmental graphics you can take advantage of. We will review them in the following lines.

5 Main Types of Environmental Graphics


1.   Environment Branding Graphics

Whether at your premises or at a venue, you want visitors to know they’re on your space. You want to give your employees a sense of belonging and remind your collaborators who they are dealing with.

These environmental graphics do that. They could be your logo at the entry or some banners expressing your values in the lobby. Imagine some funny stickers in your color brands lifting up the atmosphere or some colorful wall panels dividing your workspace.


2.   Signage and Wayfinding Environmental Graphics

You want premises visitors to know where they are going and be able to reach their destination. This is where these graphics come in. They are tools meant to help visitors navigate through your space.

As they show the way, they can help connect visitors to your brand. Their fitness for the purpose will depend on the colors, graphics types, icons, and placement. That is why it is important to use professional printing solutions for your environmental graphics.


3.   Walls and Glass Graphics

The graphics adorning your glass and walls are another important type of environmental graphics. They can help you brand, personalize, and beautify your space. Again, the results will depend on the quality of the design and printing services, so choose your providers carefully.


4. Interactive Media Environmental Graphics

Depending on the nature of your business, smart screens and digital signage solutions could add value to your environment. They can combine audio and video content to meet specific purposes. They could provide information about your business or answer commonly asked questions. At the same time, they give you the chance to engage and impress your space visitors.


5. Social Interaction Environmental Graphics

Do you want to encourage interaction in your business environment? You should, and LinkedIn provides the perfect example of how you can do that. Visit their headquarters in Silicon Valley or San Francisco and you’ll be amazed! Artsy 3D wall decors for perfect selfies, interactive wall messages, staff walls, and more.

Now that you know a little more about environmental graphics, you are probably wondering if they are worth investing it. The obvious, uncontestable answer is “yes”.

All the above types of graphics serve a specific purpose. Leaving their immediate purpose aside, they bring about numerous other benefits. Here are the most important of them:

The Benefits of Using Environmental Graphics in Your Greenville, SC Business Spaces

  • Environmental graphics are key to creating experiences that connect and engage employees, business partners, and clients alike.
  • They stimulate productivity and creativity through colors, inspirational messages, and social interaction
  • They allow transmitting information and shaping business culture with minimum effort
  • Boost your branding efforts and increase your authenticity
  • Switch from open spaces to individual working spaces when you need to with graphic panels and dividers
  • Boost your recruitment and loyalization efforts by creating a space your employees, partners, and customers will want to return to

Of course, your ability to enjoy all these benefits and more will depend on the quality of the graphics you use. For best results, you should consider working with a custom print solutions company with experience in experiential graphic design.

Their designers will help you blend colors, graphics, and fonts in exceptional environmental graphics. While at it, they will ensure consistency with your brand and company vision, mission, and goals. Their high-end printing technology will bring concepts to life and turn your built environment into an extension of your brand.

Find Out How Much a New Set of Environmental Graphics Would Cost You!

At Greenville Print Solutions, we have been designing and producing environmental graphics for businesses like yours for years. Our designers know how to use technology in order to support both immediate goals and overall branding efforts. Our products meet the highest quality and efficiency standards.

You too can benefit from our expertise. Call us at (864) 477-0217 or use the contact form to get in touch! Give us details about your environment graphics needs and request a quote! We will provide the print solutions you need and make you an offer you cannot refuse.

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