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Promotional Products Trends and Ideas – The Greenville Print Solutions Experience

Promotional Products Trends and Ideas

Have you decided to offer promotional products to your biggest customers, business partners, or service providers? In Greenville, small and large businesses alike are beginning to grasp the importance of promotional products and custom print solutions. The big question is what type of products should you offer. We cannot tell you what to choose, but we can help you keep up with trends and provide a few ideas. Here are the trends currently influencing businesses’ choice of promotional products.

Trends in Today’s Promotional Products and Print Solutions

1. Discretion and Quality

In the past, all businesses cared about was to make their logo seen. But having it applied to a chocolate that tastes like soap or to a pen that cannot be used did not help. That is why, today, the focus is on quality and efficiency.

Most businesses choose products the receivers can use and focus on quality. Their brand logo is just a discrete adornment reminding the receiver where they got their gift from. Therefore, you should forget about huge prints and not try to go cheap with your promotional products.

2. Brand Colors but on New Materials and Finishes

You do not need a huge logo on a small product to make your brand known. You can simply make sure that product comes in your brand colors. To stay in trends, keep your colors bright and lively, as blandness is out of fashion these days. Remember that the color of this year is Living Coral, and there’s nothing bland in it.

Also, look into new materials and finishes. You can focus on recycled materials to show that you care about the environment. Heather and burlap seem to be in the spotlights this year. Choose matte over transparency, and add some glossy elements to draw attention and infuse style. Finally, give your products a smooth-touch, to boost user experience and emphasize quality.

3. Choose Products Specific to the Event or Occasion

Will you be offering the products at a local trade show, at an industry summit, or around the holidays? Marketing specialists say you should choose something relevant to the event or occasion. An excellent idea would be to line up your promotional products with your event graphics and trade show display.

4. Kits and Gift Sets Rule

Were you thinking of offering pens as promotional products. You should consider offering kits that include a notebook and/or a calendar as well. If you were thinking of T-shirts, perhaps a cap or some sunglasses will help you build an awesome kit. The bottom line is that preferences these year favor kits and gift sets, not single-product giveaways.

5. Experiences Over Material Gifts

This is a trend in gift-giving in general, and it seems to apply more and more to promotional products. People are beginning to appreciate experiences more than they appreciate items. As you decide what promotional products to offer, don’t forget to target the receiver’s senses. Here are a few ideas in line with this trend and all the above.

Promotional Product Ideas

  • Desktop accessories – They are practical, elegant, and visible to anyone visiting the receiver’s office.
  • Gourmet gifts – They let you create unforgettable visual, olfactive, and taste experiences and they encourage socialization and fun.
  • AR games – They encourage players to see your brand in a new light. They also give you a chance to engage the receivers and show them new perspectives.
  • Bluetooth speakers – Everyone loves them, they create wonderful experiences, and your brand logo will look astonishing on them.
  • Bags and backpacks – There is nothing wrong in helping people carry their stuff and getting your brand seen while they do it.

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