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The Ultimate Guide for Your Business Signage

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We know your business is more than just a logo, but business signage has its uses. You have worked very hard to develop your products, and services to offer a complete, wonderful experience to your customers. Therefore, the way you promote your company will affect how customers connect with you. At Greenville Print Solutions, we know everything about making taking your marketing strategy to a whole new level!

All the experience coming from your business to the market should include everything! Ads, sales promotions, social media, your website, and signage are all good examples of a bulk, well-thought marketing strategy. Signage is an often-overlooked part of the sales experience in this rapidly advancing digital world. However, keep in mind that your business signs can have just as much of an impact on your company as your website. From digital signage systems to window graphics, signage may provide your company with a competitive advantage.

Why Is It Important to Get Your Message Out There?

This will serve as the foundation for your signage strategy and should be considered when you ask the other questions.

  • Are you attempting to raise brand awareness?
  • Is there a sale or a special going on?
  • Do you need to let folks know where you are or when you will be open?
  • Is it necessary for your target audience to be aware of your products or services?

Who Is Your Message’s Target Audience?

This will have an impact on the aesthetic of your design as well as the content on it. Is your target audience coming through your store on an empty stomach looking for a wonderful dinner, or are they browsing for new clothing or present on sale today only? Focus on one audience with your business signage!

What Is the Main Purpose of Each Sign?

We have significantly more time to process the message of static business signage on the side of a building or in a window than we do of a moving object. Maintain a message that is appropriate for the location.

Your audience needs to understand what you’re trying to say in a short amount of time, so keep the message concise and the font large, not the other way around. Are you attempting to promote your items or your company? Who you are, what you are, and where you can be found?

Where Will You Put Your Signage?

Do you have authorization? Before putting up new signages, check with your landlord or building owner. For example, there is no certainty that you have the right to the current sign in a common space if you have taken over a new lease. Check the legal requirements for signage with your local council, as they can differ from a residential zone to a retail or industrial location.

How Much Money Do You Need to Spend on Signage?

In signage, as in many other areas of life, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies. Get a firm notion of your budget and what you want to receive in return for your financial investment. Not only will the size be determined by your budget, but so will the number, location, and materials. A strong message on the appropriate sign in the right place should soon recoup its investment.

How Do You Get the Message Out There?

Who will you employ to spread your message? Local is always preferable! Don’t be scared to get a few quotations and don’t assume that the cheapest quote is the best option. If you are loyal to your signage manufacturer, they will be loyal to you! If they are trustworthy, they will keep all of your artwork on file for future use, which will help you save money in the long run.

Get Your Branding!

Branding is a critical component of the marketing strategy for business signage. It assists your suppliers and customers in connecting your entire chain. When distributing your message, make certain that your logos, messaging, typefaces, photos, and so on all match your Branding identity. People see the logo/color schemes even before they notice the several bullet points on what you do! Be mindful to be consistent.

Do Your Homework

Next time you’re commuting, look around at the signs and make a mental note of what gets your attention and why. Try reading them when you drive by, the message on the back or sides of cars, did you receive all of the information on the Banner in front of the local school or church? Look at your competition and see what they’re doing. Do you think it’s working for them? Stop in if a sign catches your attention and ask the owner how it works for them!

Have Fun With Greenville Print Solutions!

Don’t be scared to be creative with your signs because at Greenville Print Solutions we are not! We are sure you recall the car with the enormous brand across the door or that huge bottle drink signage on the highway. We will make sure that your business gets all the attention, call us!

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