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Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow or Conference


If you have an upcoming tradeshow or conference to attend, you want to start planning now. It can take months to adequately prepare for this kind of thing. Without planning, you’ll end up with a bare-bones booth that nobody notices. This defeats the whole point of attending the tradeshow. One way to do this is to hire the best company handling printing in Greenville.

Our experts help clients all the time who are looking to upstage their competition at a local tradeshow or convention. We help them design and create unique and innovative signage. We also help them print up early notice brochures and posters to help promote the conference. If you want to become a major player in your industry, you need to stand out. Professional printing in Greenville can help make that happen.

Here, we will discuss various ways you can stand out at your upcoming conference or tradeshow. We’ll also help you use every inch of your company’s booth space. You want to attract the right kind of attention and the right kind of people. This means you need to use smart signage and promotional materials.

You Have Limited Space to Make a Good Impression

One of the tricky things about attending a conference or tradeshow is that you have limited space in which to promote your brand. You’re also within a few feet of your competition. This means it’s even more important than usual to use strategic printing in Greenville.

If you want to attract new clients or partners, you want to use every inch of your space in a strategic way. This means the frontage of your booth is inviting and interactive. You want people to remember your booth when they leave the conference or show. If guests have the chance to interact with you and your brand, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll remember you instead of your competition.

Your Message Needs to Be Clear and Consistent

No matter how flashy and creative your booth or space is, it means nothing if your message isn’t clear. The most important thing most companies have is their brand. When you attend a conference or tradeshow, one of two things can happen. Either your brand and image will be exposed to a wider audience, or your brand is diluted. Poor signage and boring white space in your back booth can destroy any impression you’re trying to make.

That’s why you should come in and speak to the experts at printing Greenville has to offer. We help our clients design and create masterful tradeshow booths. We can help you make every inch add to your brand rather than detract from it. We can also help you come up with innovate promotional materials to hand out in the weeks or months leading to the conference or tradeshow.

Having an Interactive Booth is a Great Way to Introduce Guests to Your Brand

When people get to interact with your booth, it makes them want to interact with your company and brand. For example, if your business is looking to expand or branch out vertically or horizontally, you may want to consider a new logo. One of the things you can offer at the tradeshow is a contest where guests get to design a logo that your company may consider using it in the future.

Another interactive feature you can install at your booth is a make your own sundae bar or appetizer bar. You can have the plates, cutlery, and napkins embossed with your company’s logo and mission. This way, people not only get to eat a yummy treat, but they’re also reminded of your brand the entire time they’re enjoying it. Our expert printers in Greenville can help you achieve this.

You Want to Use Unique and Attractive Signage

The one area in which our printing gurus can help is designing your signage for the tradeshow or conference. The best way to attract people to your booth is by using impressive signage. You want your signage to stand out, especially amongst your competitors. The best way to do this is the rely on printing experts in Greenville.

What we can do is customize your signage to include your company’s logo, color scheme, or mission statement. You want to make sure your signage is consistent with your message. When people approach your booth, you want them to know who you are and what your company stands for. Regardless of the purpose for the show or convention, you want to bring attention to your brand. Unique and attractive signage is one way to do that.

Always Offer a Giveaway to Make a Long-Lasting Impression

In addition to offering an interactive experience, you also want to provide people with promotional giveaways. This can include anything from a t-shirt or a hat to a tablet cover. There is no limit to the types of products we can emblazon with your company’s name and logo. When people get to walk away from your booth with something that is both tangible and functional, it works like a walking advertisement for your company.

So many companies offer giveaways that have no purpose. For example, you could give out taffies or candies with your company’s name on the wrapper. However, once the candies are eaten, what are your guests left with? Nothing. They’ll throw the wrapper out and move on to the next booth. However, if you can think of an item that people will actually use, then you’ll make a long-lasting impression.

Use Innovative and Creative Back Booth Printed Display

Another thing you should take advantage of is a creative back booth display. We can print up all sorts of materials and signage to cover the back of your booth. Too many companies use white space in this area. They figure there’s no point in investing money and time into that space at the back of your booth. That is a big mistake. You want people from near and far to be able to identify who you are and what you stand for. This can be achieved by using an interesting and appealing back booth display.

Contact Our Office for the Best Printing Greenville Has to Offer

If you’re planning for an upcoming tradeshow or conference, you’re going to need signage. What better way to design your promotional materials than with a company that offers printing in Greenville? Call today so we can set up a date and time to get started.

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