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5 Reasons to Use Flags & Banners for Business Marketing and Advertising

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Flags and banners are an excellent solution for business marketing, advertising and branding. From flutter flags to flag banners and feather flags to other variants, you have plenty of choices when it comes to this medium. There are many benefits of using flags and banners for your business, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. Here is a look at some of the key reasons why you might consider using them for business events and promotions.

Flags Stand Out

In an era of pervasive digital screens and digital marketing, conventional marketing methods like flags are making a comeback. And that is for a simple reason: flags stand out in the sheer noise of endless digital tools. They also move around and draw one’s attention so that they serve as an effective way to attract the right audience and engage them with the right message.

While flags stand apart because they move and draw the attention of passersby, they are not very effective if they carry a text message. This is because it is hard to read a message on a sign that is moving, than one that is stationary. So flags are far more effective when you use symbols, such as directional arrows, on them.


Flags and banners offer an incredible degree of versatility when you want to use them for advertisement, marketing or branding. You can choose a shape, design, color, font or shape that best suits your business objectives. This means that you can play with different types of flags and banners for different events. For a more formal business event, for instance, you may want to go with sober colors and standard sizes. For a more fun and recreational occasion, pop-out colors, triangular banners and creative designs can be used.

Ease of use

Flag banners are typically light-weight. They cost less, are easy to transport from one place to another, and take a very little time to set up. This sheer ease of use makes them a very convenient option for marketing or branding. You can order them and have them at hand on a fairly brief notice. They also cost less compared to many other advertising options. And you can set them up in no time, with only a handful of personnel at hand. This makes them an ideal solution if you have a small team, or want to order last-minute indoor or outdoor graphics for an event.

Flag banners can be ordered with a variety of bases, which makes them easier to set up. A weighted base, for instance, lets you balance a banner fairly quickly. On the other hand, a banner with ground stakes is perfect if you are planning an event outdoors where you can drive the stake into the soil and set up the banners within minutes.


Flag banners are quite durable. They can withstand weather elements very well without sustaining any notable damage. In the short term, you can set them up under rain, sun, hail or snow with no deterioration. This is because they are water-resistant and heat-proof. However, long-term exposure to the elements can fade them. Strong winds can damage or topple over the banners, so if you are setting them up in windy conditions, be sure to secure them with the right base and supports. 


Flag banners cost little upfront, compared to other advertising solutions. You can use single-sided or double-sided banners to make them a more cost-effective marketing option. Typically, flag banners come with a life of two years. However, this is possible when you take care to save them from direct sun exposure and store them properly when not in use. With recommended use and proper storage, flutter banners may even last upwards of 3 years.

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