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5 Expert Recommendations for Impeccable Outdoor Graphics

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Have you finally realized that your business could greatly benefit from a new set of outdoor graphics? These are a great way to create an excellent first impression to your prospects and to raise brand awareness. Once installed, they mean free publicity, exposure to anyone passing by, and it would be a pity if you did not take advantage.

But, of course, not all outdoor graphics are created equal. How do you make your stand out and bring you the desired benefits? We have a few suggestions and we will present them to you in the following lines.

Tips on Making the Most of Your Outdoor Graphics

1. Combine Several Types of Graphics!

You want your graphics to be easy to spot by everyone, no matter the direction they’re heading in or their transportation means. The best way to accomplish that is to use several types of graphics.

If you fear the costs or you still doubt the benefits, you can always add more graphics later, after you have seen some results. Remember that this is a long term investment. Developed by experts and from quality materials, these graphics will be promoting your business for years to come.

You can place signs on the sidewalk, at the building entrance, on the awnings, or in your windows. They can be hanging, flat panels, monuments, pylons, or, preferably, a complex and attractive combination of all these.

2. Choose Eye-Catching Color Combinations!

Perhaps Pantone’s color of the year is not exactly representative for your business, but you surely get the point. You need live, catchy colors that people will spot from a distance and want to see more of. Consider their psychological impact as well.

As you choose different colors for the background, your logo, and the fonts, remember to ensure proper contrast, for improved visibility and readability. Before you actually have your outdoor graphics printed out, test-print one or two and make sure they are exactly what you want.

3. Make Sure the Text Is Scannable!

Have you seen various brands using cursive, wacky fonts to stand out? Perhaps some of them succeeded but we cannot endorse this practice. Remember that your prospects are in a hurry, passing by on their way to work or school, running errands, shopping, etc. They will not stop to try and decipher your outdoor signage.

Therefore, keep your text short and easy to read, scannable, and skimmable. Anyone seeing your outdoor signage should be able to tell instantly what you sell or what services you offer. Sans Serif  is an excellent font choice from this point of view, as long as you choose the right size.

While having it in bold or italics can improve visibility and appeal, do not exaggerate! You want to draw attention, not pass on as offensive. Also, used in excess, these can negatively affect the overall graphic appeal and visibility.

4. Be Memorable!

Through your logo and your message, you need to get people to remember you, think of you, and talk about you. They should easily recognize your brand whenever and wherever they see it, and remember what you have to offer.

You can do that with a representative, smart logo, and with a short, effective, inspiring, and memorable logo. Find something that clearly defines you and give it a funny or intriguing twist. If you lack inspiration, learn from Apple, IKEA, McDonald’s, and others.

5. Don’t Set and Forget!

If you follow the tips above, you will eventually come up with some excellent outdoor graphics. Do not just install them and forget about them! With time, dust may add up and get them dirty or the wind may tear them apart.

Neglecting them suggests that you neglect your business and your customers as well, so keep them clean and in good condition. If they occasionally need replacement, see to it. The investment will surely pay off in the long run.

Let the Experts at Greenville Print Solutions Design and Print Your Outdoor Graphics!

You have a lot on your mind, so you clearly cannot afford to waste time learning how to design outdoor signage. However, you cannot afford to miss out on this incredible opportunity to raise awareness about your brand and gain new customers. Therefore, why not let experts design and print the perfect graphics for your business while you focus on other tasks?

At Greenville Print Solutions, we have been helping South Carolina businesses stand out for years. We know exactly how to create catchy, memorable, and effective outdoor signage, and we’ll gladly out our knowledge, experience, and skills in your service. Call our office or fill in the contact form and give us more details about your outdoor graphic needs so that we can make you an irresistible offer!

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