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Inspiring Employee Productivity with Environmental Graphics

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When it comes to environmental graphics, many businesses tend to think that such graphics are tools meant exclusively to target clients and customers. However, it is important to understand that environment graphics can be put to a number of other uses. Being a versatile tool, such graphics can be used very effectively in inspiring employees, fostering creativity, and improving talent retention for a company.

This is simply because the workplace environment plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction, which in turn fuels productivity. In fact, things like celebrating and appreciating the work of the employees are more important than high wages and promotions. Environmental graphics can be used to this end. Here’s a look at how you can use these graphics to foster creativity, boost employee satisfaction, and ensure a more supportive workplace culture at your company.

Get Everyone Involved

It is important to knit together the employees of your company so that they feel like being a part of the team. To do this, it is vital for all employees to feel involved. You can accomplish this by using environmental graphics design to tell the employees that they matter. A kaleidoscope of all the employee names can be used for this purpose. You can also use dynamic environmental design, utilizing the digital tools, to showcase a given employee every month.

Celebrate Achievements

When your employees garner an achievement, the best reward they want is recognition. Environmental graphics design lets you creatively celebrate employee benchmarks and achievements. You can use such a design to show off the employee of the month credentials across an office lobby or wall. This can also serve as an additional inspiration for the employees to perform better.

Make Spaces Shareable

When a space has great design features, people visiting it are 10 times more likely to share it over social media, a Gensler survey has found. Designing office spaces with great designs and graphics features offers a dual advantage – your employees become more engaged with these spaces and identify with them. They are also more likely to share them over social media, effectively marketing your business to their respective social circles.

Create a Premium Experience

Every company wants to hire and retain the top talent. However, with so much competition for the right employees, this can be hard. You need to create a differentiating edge in order to be successful in recruiting the right people. Environmental graphics design may just be the way to achieve this. With the right design for your office spaces, you can brand the workplace and create a premium feel. This gives your employees a feeling of being valued and prized by the company they work for. And this feeling may just become your competitive edge in retaining the talent you need.

Foster Creativity

Interactive environmental graphics can be used to inspire creativity among employees. Spaces branded with the right design can promote ideas sharing, trigger discussions, lead to debates, and otherwise support mutual engagement for creative output. Features like wheel of fortune can also be used to add fun and excitement to environmental graphics.

Promote Your Vision

It is important for your company to keep your vision in view while going from goal to goal and strength to strength. This is possible only when your employees can relate to this vision and connect with it on an everyday basis. Branded spaces with unique designs can be used to ensure this. You can explore a new aspect of your vision every week or every month to remind your employees what you stand for, and to ensure that everyone is headed in that direction.

Get Input

Environmental design is also a great way of receiving informal input from your employees. Many employees may not be confident providing direct feedback, so input in the form of anonymous responses, artwork, doodles, and quotes can be a powerful tool to check the pulse of your workforce.

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