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Types of Environmental Graphics Your Business Can Use


Environmental graphics refer to various types of graphics and related tools you can use to enhance your business environment. These graphics are essentially an extension of your brand or business. They make use of the interior spaces to create experiences which connect your target audience to your business. In doing so, environmental graphics are a very immersive and effective way of engaging the right people.

Vibrant colors, creative fonts, eye-catching visuals and other elements are frequently used in creating environmental graphics. However, the actual graphics must be connected to and defined by your business message and values. Contact our Greenville print experts today.

When it comes to environmental graphics, you can go with different types. Different businesses use different types to achieve the desired environment. Here’s a look at some of the key types of environmental graphics.

Graphics for Walls and Glass Surfaces

You can use environmental graphics on virtually any surface, including walls and glass. Walls in particular offer sizable canvasses on which the right graphics can have a dramatic effect. If you are designing a space with business-client interaction, for instance, you can use brand phraseology and imagery to create a branded space. Similarly, for spaces which routinely see employees, such as conference rooms, inspirational and motivational imagery and words can be added to glass walls. Larger images typically go very well on the walls although you should be careful to choose the right images.

Graphics for Branding Spaces

When it comes to branding, interior spaces provide a unique opportunity. They are like a blank canvas which you can craft with tailored colors, images and words. Interior spaces can be fashioned with environmental graphics every step of the way. This especially applies to environments where business-client interactions take place. Your business can brand such spaces from the entryway all the way to the spot where the client is likely to make a decision. The right graphics will help you create a business identity, help the client relate and belong, and encourage a suitable decision at the same time. You can also take the entire space as an opportunity for business storytelling.

Graphics for Navigation and Directions

If your interior space is going to see a lot of newcomers, you can use environmental graphics for navigational purposes. Different forms of signage can be utilized to create a visual path as per the expected journey of a person who has just arrived. You can use contrasting colors, icons and font types to help people reach various areas within a space or guide them to a desired location within a building. When creating wayfinding graphics, it is important to keep it as simple yet informational as possible.

Graphics for Social Media Buzz

A clever and excellent type of environmental graphics that is increasingly being used by businesses is social media spots. These are murals or otherwise large picture-worthy locations, such as highly decorated or unique wall art, that encourage people to snap and share over social media. From routine office spaces to one-off conference events, such social media-savvy graphics are typically very popular. They are also a great way of garnering social media momentum for your brand or a business event.

Multimedia Graphics

Multimedia graphics are nothing new but using them to enhance a business environment offers many new opportunities. You can incorporate audio and video elements alongside imagery to make such graphics more immersive and engaging for your audience. However, you should be careful in where to use such graphics as immersive multimedia graphics may not be effective in all business environments.

Interactive Graphics

Most visual graphics offer a one-way communication where the viewer experiences or views them. Interactive graphics push this a step further by turning graphics into two-way communications. Thank touchscreens, video games and more. By making graphics two-way, you can significantly increase the activity and engagement levels of your target audience. These graphics also easily stand apart from the rest of the visuals.

Finding a Compact for Environmental Graphics in Greenville

Environmental graphics offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses. However, they must be done right by considering business needs, requirements, target audience, target space and other factors. At the end of the day, the right kind of environmental graphics must be tailored to your unique business considerations.

This is precisely what we offer here at Greenville Print Solutions. From wall murals to acrylic prints and from SEG frames and suspension systems to wayfinding signage, we offer the full range of environmental graphics. If you need such graphics, simply reach out to us here at Greenville Print Solutions and get a FREE quote today.

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