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10 Ideas to Attract Audience to Your Trade Show Displays

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Trade shows are an excellent way of showcasing your products and services to a target audience in person. Such events are also a great opportunity to stand out among the competition by getting your trade show displays right. The display comprises of everything from the type of booth you use to the trained personnel on the spot and from the graphics you use to any audio effects you choose. When done right, a good trade show display can bring in confirmed new customers as well as several quality leads.

If you are planning to participate in a trade show event, here are some handy tips from our Greenville print experts to make sure your trade show display stands out and draws the right audience.

Make it Fun and Comfortable

Trade shows are typically busy events with a lot of people. It’s important not to get as much people to visit your booth as possible, but to attract the right people and convert. To do this, it is important to create a space where people will feel comfortable and have fun while getting up-close with your brand. You can also use the décor of your booth to market the products and services you offer.

Use Interactive Features

Interactive activities are a great way of engaging your target audience. People like games and other interactive features. So you can use these to pique their interest and get them to spend more time on your booth. Better still, you can find interactive activities that also promote your brand and market your products at the same time. Perhaps create a game that utilizes your company’s products while offering fun and entertainment to the attendees.

Use a Creative Tent

Most trade show displays by companies are open-air and kiosk-style. This style has its appeal but when all the participants at a trade show use such booths, the best way to stand out is by doing something different. So you can use an inflatable or pop-up tent to draw the attention of people at the event. When going with a tent, it is best to use a bright color that stands apart yet stays in line with your brand outlook.

Offer an Amazing Experience

For most attendees at a trade show, the best booths are the ones that offer the best kind of interactive experiences. You can tap into this fact by creating exceptional experiences at your trade show display. For instance, you can use virtual reality headgear and related tools to give your visitors a fun ride into the virtual world. If you are a tourism company, you can create a 3D experience ride for your most popular routes. The possibilities are endless.

Take the Educationist’s Approach

Trade shows vary from one event to the other. While some events may be known for marketing new products, others may typically draw attendants who want to learn about new research and products in a given field. If the latter is the case, you can focus on educating the audience about your products instead of simply marketing them. This will help you tap into the actual focus of the target audience while also increasing brand awareness.

Arrange Contests

Contests are an excellent way of drawing people to your booth. Couple them with attractive gifts for the winners and you have a very successful tool. Contests should be designed around your products and services while ensuring appeal for the most number of attendants. You can use games and other fun activities when arranging such contests at your next trade show display.

Use the Right Graphics

The graphics you use at your booth are typically your first impression on an attendee. This is why it is so important to get them right. You should use a consistent overall theme to dictate the graphics of your entire booth, from the background to the tablecloths, back walls, banners, and more.

How to Get Greenville Trade Show Displays

If you are a Greenville company seeking to set up great trade show displays at business events, we have got you covered. Here at Greenville Print Solutions, we offer a wide range of banners, pop-up walls and screens, banner stands, and other accessories. Simply let us know your business requirements and we can also help you design the best kind of graphics to target your audience effectively. You can alternatively provide us custom graphics and we will use these on the banners and fabrics of your choice. Contact us today to get free estimates and discuss your trade show display needs.

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