Six Questions to Ask Your Signage Designer

You’re about to meet with a designer for a signage consultation for your business. You know great signage can attract customers and build your brand. But what should you ask during that first meeting to ensure the signage designer truly understands your business and branding needs? Our business signage professionals in Greenville share a few…

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The Role of Signage in Effective Branding and Identity

business signage must align with your brand image

You walk into a coffee shop. The familiar green logo and mermaid image catch your eye before you even look at the menu or taste the coffee. You know exactly where you are – there’s no mistaking that Starbucks branding. The business signage plays a huge part, connecting the location to the global brand we…

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Outdoor vs. Indoor Signage: Best Practices for Each Setting

signage is an essential part of offline advertising

So, you’re looking to invest in some new signage for your business. Great move – signs are a simple way to increase your visibility and drive more customers through the door. But before you pick out some flashy neon letters, you’ve got an important decision to make: indoor or outdoor signage. Each has its pros…

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Using Flags and Banners to Promote Your Business

flags and banners help you promote your brand image

You know that feeling when you drive by a business, and their giant flag catches your eye? It makes you do a double take and notice that company. Using custom flags and banners, together with other signage is an easy way to make your business stand out. Whether you own a small shop on Main…

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The Power of First Impressions: Why Quality Signage Matters

Signage for business

The signage outside and inside your business plays a huge role in shaping that impression, for better or worse. Think about the last place you visited for the first time. What did you notice first? Chances are, it was the sign. A professional, high-quality sign makes a statement that you’re established, reputable, and care about…

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Tips for Creating Event Graphics

creating eye-catching event graphics is key

You’ve got an event coming up and want to spread the word, build some buzz, and ensure people show up. Event graphics are key. Eye-catching images, flyers, and signage – it’s all part of the marketing mix these days.  But creating great graphics doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We…

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Designing for Engagement: How Environmental Graphics Inspire and Inform

environmental graphics

Welcome to the world of environmental graphics, where design meets inspiration and information. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these captivating visuals have the power to tell compelling stories, guide us through spaces effortlessly, reinforce brand identities, educate and inform, celebrate culture and heritage, raise awareness about environmental issues, transform dull environments into vibrant…

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How To Select the Right Promotional Products for Your Campaign

promotional products are essential for a successful marketing campaign

So, you’re launching a new marketing campaign and thinking about promotional products to help spread the word. Great idea — promotional products are a tried-and-true way to boost brand awareness and connect with potential customers. But with so many options, how do you choose the right ones for your needs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you…

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