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Flags and Banners Help Your Business Get Noticed!

Outdoor advertising flags and banners are sometimes underestimated, regardless of the fact they can turn into a powerful marketing tool. If you would like to designate a corporate location in the best possible way, flags and banners in Greenville could be utilized quite effectively. On top of that, they are ideal for the delivery of a corporate message during many types of events and gatherings.

The best aspect of flags and banner is that they come with many print options. If you find a company that can execute the project according to your specifications, you will end up with a highly versatile and noticeable advertising tool.

Greenville Print Solutions (GPS) is one such company. With a wide array of flag and banner sizing options to offer to our clients, we make it possible to bring just about every idea to reality.

Custom flags and banners, Greenville SC

Our Greenville Flags and Banners Catalog

Over the years, GPS has partnered up with numerous Greenville clients, and we have worked together on the execution of an array of marketing projects. Having more than 20 years of experience in the area of printing, we know which technologies work best when it comes to applying visuals and text to fabric. Take a look at our catalog

We offer a wide array of sizes and shapes, but some of the most prominent items in our catalog include the following:

  • Blade flags and banners for premium advertising
  • Teardrop flags
  • Premium 90 ad flags
  • Shark fin flags
  • Dye printed flags in an array of shapes (flutter, rectangular, feather, etc.)
  • Burgee, guidon and pennant flags
  • Suction cup flags
  • Car flags
  • Golf flags
  • Tear away and run-through banners
  • Tailgating flags
  • Realtor signs and banners
  • A-frames

These are just some of the possibilities! On top of having such a huge selection of flags and banners, we also offer all of the required accessories for proper placement and use. We have telescopic poles, spinner poles, swedge stakes, hardware components, bases (water base, tire base), an array of mounts (angled, wall, floor, tent mounts) and travel bags.

In essence, our customers get a comprehensive solution and a ready-to-use item. Many of our flags can be made incredibly versatile through the selection of the right accessories. This way, a single product will become suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Years of Printing Experience Make us Greenville Flag and Banner Experts

Once you choose the flag or banner variety that matches your campaign, it will be time to learn a bit more about the printing technology.

Most of the flags by GPS are designed for optimal exposure. This means that the print will remain constantly visible, even in windy conditions. If you’re interested in such print flags, you may want to opt for the blade, teardrop or shark fin flags.

For most flag varieties, clients can choose among a few fabric options, as well as several printing technologies.

The most commonly utilized materials are nylon and Evertex. Nylon is incredibly durable, and the variety used by GPS comes with UV protection for the purpose of preventing the fading of colors. Evertex is a heavy-duty material that’s particularly suitable for outdoor applications.

As far as the printing options go, there are single reverse and double-sided possibilities. The single reverse technology has a penetration rate of 90 percent. this means that the image will also show on the reverse side of the flag. The double-sided flag printing allows for two different designs to appear on the same flag.

GPS relies on effective dye printing. Both digital and screen printing are available, ensuring the brightness of the colors and the crispness of the image. The inks utilized are fade-resistant. In combination with the UV-resistant fabric, this printing technology ensures the longevity of the visual.

Give Your Greenville Business Better Visibility With Flags & Banners

Whether you want to help someone who’s specifically looking for your location or you want to attract passersby, banners and flags will be ideal. The more colorful you go, the easier your message will be to notice.

Many people do not understand the fact that banners and flags offer a lot of versatility when it comes to both size and placement. Such advertising materials can be positioned on a rooftop, in front of a store, inside the store, in a seminar or conference venue, on a vehicle, in an outdoor space or a garden and even at athletic events.

Flags and banners are equally suitable for large corporations that want to do effective branding and small companies, startups or even freelance professionals. These Greenville advertising materials are incredibly cost-efficient. In addition, the GPS team uses high-quality fabrics and inks. These two guarantee the longevity of the outcome and make it possible for a business to use the banner or flag for many years to come.

Apart from being great for placements, flags can also be given to customers and loyal brand fans. These will be great during events and gatherings that feature multiple people. While individuals love getting something fun from their interaction with companies, they will also be doing a little bit of brand promotion.

GPS Knows How to Make Greenville Flags and Banners Work

Quality is most important when it comes to seeing results from your flag or banner campaign. Faded colors and poor typography will make it impossible for you to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business.

The Greenville Print Solutions team knows what it takes to make advertising flags attractive and noticeable.

Even if you do not have a design idea, you can turn to us for assistance. With many years of experience in the printing market, we know how to make your advertising message stand out and appeal to the right crowds. We will think carefully about material selection, colors and print options that will give you a flag or a banner you will get to use time and time again.

Call Greenville Print Solutions today at (864) 477-0217 or take a look at our catalog. You will learn more about the various flag and banner varieties, the sizes, the printing technologies and the available accessories. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or the best way to use those for marketing purposes.

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